Yellow in Morocco, Marrakech…

Spring yellow! I was viewing my old photos of Morocco. I have a lot of them as you know and thought maybe it would be nice to share again a few of them with you. I selected some photos all made in Marrakech with a yellow accent.

The sunsets are beautiful in Morocco as you can see. In the old medina you will find clothes to dry in the sun in all colours. Melons and other fresh fruit everywhere. At the old medina you will find cereals, rugs, Moroccon shoes, saffron and much much more.

And the moped…like bikes in Amsterdam.

blog morocco sunset marrakech yellow

SONY DSC SONY DSC marrakech, morocco

Images: Melanie el Haddad


About Melanie el Haddad

I'm 37 years. I have a passion for beautiful Moroccan design. I'm in love with my daughter of five. The best thing there is, your own beautiful girl. I have a webshop called El Ramla Hamra. Creating a mix of Moroccan craftmanship and contemporary elegance is my mission. It is great to use your passion. Creative entrepreneurial. Something truly your own. I love writing. There is so much in the world that can inspire me from everyday events into beautiful interior items. I hope you to give a little inspiration with my blog.
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4 Responses to Yellow in Morocco, Marrakech…

  1. Nadine says:

    The photos are wonderful. So refreshing :).

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  3. 30smagazine says:

    As always stunning photos

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