Moroccan outdoor inspiration…

It’s the first day of June and still the summer in Holland is far away. I know we Dutch people are always talking and complaining about the weather. So normally I say okay people this is Holland and it is never going to be Spain so accept it.

But I must admit that is not fun anymore. I think we have had maybe 4 beautiful days this year. We want the summer!

But it is what it is. So because of the temperature it is not to hot to work so maybe you can prepare your garden.  The beautiful days will probably still come, I hope. My garden is absolutely not prepared yet so I have some ideas in mind. I like to have some Moroccan influences in my garden with a big lounge and stuff.

Maybe with some elements from these examples you can give your garden or balcony a bit of Moroccon touch.

Riad el Fenn riad-dar-k ksar2 ksar1 Elle-Deco-House-in-Morocco-0 Dorothea Elkon takes a centuries-old house in Essaouira from ruin to rapture by simon watson

moroccan garden riad el fennmoroccan garden via thediversionproject via mi casa moroccan garden via


Images: 1. Riad el Fenn  2. Riad dar K  3 & 4. Ksar Char Bagh 5. Elle Decor 6. AD 7. Riad el Fenn 8. via thediversionproject 9.


About Melanie el Haddad

I'm 37 years. I have a passion for beautiful Moroccan design. I'm in love with my daughter of five. The best thing there is, your own beautiful girl. I have a webshop called El Ramla Hamra. Creating a mix of Moroccan craftmanship and contemporary elegance is my mission. It is great to use your passion. Creative entrepreneurial. Something truly your own. I love writing. There is so much in the world that can inspire me from everyday events into beautiful interior items. I hope you to give a little inspiration with my blog.
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2 Responses to Moroccan outdoor inspiration…

  1. Great selection! From simple to bohemian style, Morocco is so beautiful!

  2. Amina says:

    Beautiful outdoor spaces.
    as I like

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