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I'm 37 years. I have a passion for beautiful Moroccan design. I'm in love with my daughter of five. The best thing there is, your own beautiful girl. I have a webshop called El Ramla Hamra. Creating a mix of Moroccan craftmanship and contemporary elegance is my mission. It is great to use your passion. Creative entrepreneurial. Something truly your own. I love writing. There is so much in the world that can inspire me from everyday events into beautiful interior items. I hope you to give a little inspiration with my blog.


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A real place of relaxation…

I always love to find a riad with a combination of Moroccan and contemporary touch. The owners of Riad Boutique Snan 13 in Marrakech used a lot of white in combination with soft grays, what makes it very bright and … Continue reading

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Numéro7 Fez…

This is the example of how contemporary Moroccan interior can be.  Numéro7 is the Moroccan restaurant in Fez of French Chef Bruno Ussel and his partner Stephen di Renza, born in America. They have years of culinary experience in Paris. Numéro7 is on the ground floor of riad n°9, owned … Continue reading

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Moroccan outdoor inspiration…

It’s the first day of June and still the summer in Holland is far away. I know we Dutch people are always talking and complaining about the weather. So normally I say okay people this is Holland and it is … Continue reading

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Pop-up store El Ramla Hamra…

I hope to see you in Amsterdam. I have a pop-up store in Amsterdam between 23 Mai and 26 Mai.

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Moroccan lamp…

Totally in love with this picture and beautiful old Moroccan lamp. Styling by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander. 

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Dar Bibine, Tunisia…

A little bit to the right this time, Tunisia. I have never been in Tunisia but it always look so bright and blue on the photos. This guest house, Dar Bibine, belongs to the Belgium couple Isabelle and Gerard, lawyer and … Continue reading

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Sober & simple Moroccan…

Moroccan style is not always about colours. I love this kitchen. Sober and simple. The big Moroccan trays are also great. We have beautiful trays like these selected ourselves for El Ramla Hamra Photo: MarieClaire Italy

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Roses in Morocco…

In 2011 I wrote also about the roses in Morocco. But with this cold that is still present I can use some summer inspiration. These beautiful photos give me a happy feeling. A few years ago when I brought my first … Continue reading

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Colourful boucherouite rugs…

I love neutrals, whites and blacks but sometimes you also need some colour in your life. thats why I love the Moroccan boucherouite rugs. The rugs are made from recycled materials such as cotton, nylon and wool textiles. Each rug … Continue reading

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